Some of the local shepherds I buy fleeces from include these lovely folks:

Three Creeks Farm

Icelandics and Shetland Sheep

Steve and Beth Collier

Charlotte, TN


Far Out Farm (no website, sorry!)

Kim Caulfield

Shetlands, Romneys and Cotswold Sheep

Cornersville, TN


PraiseSong Farm

Steve and Brenda Morley

Shetland Sheep

Central Tennessee


Buckminster Family Farm

Roianna and ? Buckminster

Central Tennessee


Kentswold Shetlands

Gregory and Petra Tremblay

Shetland Sheep

Dryden, NY


K. C. Icelandics (no web site, sorry)

Icelandics and Icelandic/Shetland cross Sheep

Milton, TN


Spinner’s End Studio (this is me)

Icelandics and Shetland Sheep

Norene, TN

More info coming soon