**Under Construction**

In addition to fleeces both local and regional, I make several other products here on the farm, including drop spindles, lazy kates, Niddy Noddies, project bags, notions bags, small stuffed animals ranging from sheep to dragons to teddy bears, batts of commercially-produced Blue-Faced Leicester roving, which I dye and blend for spinning, and more.

Batts for spinning:


Commercial roving, hand dyed and blended:

Local Fleeces, hand scoured and carded or combed:


Woodworking: Wooden items are currently out of stock, as we moved and now I do not have electrical power to my shop building. That should be remedied in the next 6 months, so look for wooden items again around spring 2018.

Drop Spindles: Out of Stock

Niddy Noddy: Out of Stock

Lazy Kate: Out of Stock

Project Bags: These items are sewn by me in my home studio, and mostly focus on pop culture, superheroes, and other fan-related geeky themes.

Drawstring Bag: Perfect for socks.

Notions Bag, Small: perfect for change, dice, or knitting/sewing/crochet notions.

Notions Bag, Large: Perfect for change, dice, and knitting/sewing/crochet notions.

Small Wedge:

Medium Wedge:

Large Wedge:

Large Square Bag:


Glasses Case:


Shoulder Bag:

Cross-Body Triple-Zip Purse:

Kidney Backpack:

Summit Backpack:


Stuffies: These are whatever cute stuffed animals or characters come across my way, and are often available at shows. The inventory in this section changes frequently as I find and/or create cute new critters.


funny characters:

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