Hi! Thanks for coming by and stopping to look at my embroidery page!

Here is where I will share some of the cool projects I have been working on, and keep you all updated with all the fun!

Right now, I’m running a kickstarter project, to allow me to pay off my machine, buy some software that will allow me to digitize unique designs, and maybe upgrade my laptop to make the design work easier. ¬†You can find that here: Patches for the Four Horsemen Universe

As part of the kickstarter, I promised a wall of Thanks to my donors, which is right here:

Patty MacIntosh-Mize

Darryl Hadfield

Rick Ewald

Jon Osbourne

Daniel Walker

Abby Smith

Cindy Jenkins

Joseph D. Hubbs

Krista Amunson

A huge Thank You to you all! The kickstarter has finished and all items have been shipped for fulfillment of the rewards. Thanks again to everyone who contributed!

Look for more Four Horsemen Universe items coming soon!