Q spring 2015Well, it’s been a really busy summer! Seems as if I have not stopped moving since spring. I’ve been working for Joann Fabrics, teaching there and private lessons, driving for Uber, and still trying to find time to do all the normal stuff around the house, which has left the farm and fiber stuff to languish. Well, that has to change! I have a recalcitrant sheep to catch and shear, asap, and about a half dozen fleeces to scour, plus that many more to card or comb. I also have a show coming up that I need to get ready for, which means I need to make some batts, and some spindles, and some lazy kates, and a niddy noddy or two, and get photos taken of all that stuff, then get it posted here. I have added project bags and notions bags to my offerings, but no one knows that, because I have not taken a single photo or shown them really. sigh. so much to do, so little time. Well, here’s a photo of the some sheep for you, to hold you over for now!